Asset Protection

Our Approach to Asset Protection

No one anticipates the unexpected to happen to us or our family. Pre-mature death, injury, or illness can change your life in an instant.

It is important to put in place the correct type and amount of insurance to protect your future. We help you determine the amount of risk you are comfortable taking and help with appropriately insuring the rest.

Navigating insurance can be difficult. You don’t want to be surprised by “the fine print” if the unfortunate happens. We take the time to understand the details and clearly explain them to you. If you do need to file a claim, we will walk with you through the process.

We work for you. We are not obligated to and don’t accept any incentives from any particular insurance company. We identify your needs and help you shop for the best policies to meet your needs and fit your budget.

We believe that purchasing proper insurance doesn’t demonstrate a lack of faith but rather prudent planning.

Our insurance services include:

  • Comprehensive family protection analysis
  • Enrolling in Medicare support services
  • Medicare Part D prescription selection and enrollment
  • Life needs analysis and insurance plans
  • Disability needs analysis and insurance plans
  • Long-term care needs analysis and insurance plans
  • Medicare Supplement insurance plans
  • Medicare Advantage insurance plans
  • International travel insurance plans
  • International missionary health plans
  • Small business key person and continuity plans
  • Small business buy/sell agreement funding plans

We are Dave Ramsey endorsed local providers for Long-term care insurance and will be glad to help you with your insurance needs.