LifeGuide 360|Portfolio serves as an investment dashboard for your LifeGuide managed accounts. It allows you to monitor your investment portfolio- 24/7. 360|Portfolio senses the device that you are using and optimizes your viewing experience. You can review account balances, performance, asset allocation, portfolio activity, and quarterly reports from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We built 360|Portfolio to answer your simple questions quickly. If you would like more information, just click or touch your screen to drill into the details.


We know how sensitive your personal information is, so we take your security and privacy very seriously. Powered by Black Diamond, 360|Portfolio utilizes industry-leading security technology to guard your data. 360|Portfolio contains no account numbers, only account names. 360|Portfolio is read-only. No one can open or close accounts, make withdrawals, transfer money, or make trades through 360|Portfolio.