Running a Business Or Non-Profit

It is just as important to work on your organization as it is to work in it.

Running a business, church or non-profit can be exciting. It can also be overwhelming. As a leader, you are required to wear many hats and balance many priorities. Often, important areas of churches and businesses are placed on the back burner until they become problematic. We can help you identify and address potential opportunities and pitfalls before they become urgent and costly issues.

Questions we can help you answer:

  • Are we in compliance with the new health care laws? What are the risks and potential penalties regarding PPACA, ERISA, HIPPA, COBRA, Cafeteria Plans, FLMA and labor laws?
  • Are we getting the best coverage possible for our dollars for our employees’ insurance benefits?
  • How can we motivate our employees to live healthy lifestyles?
  • How do we establish and fund a business succession plan?
  • Are we protected if an owner or key employee dies prematurely or becomes disabled?
  • What is the most appropriate employee retirement plan for our organization?
  • How can our owners or executives defer compensation?
  • Our employees or members travel internationally. How can we make sure that they have insurance coverage if something happens?

If we can help in any way, please email: