In Your 60s and Beyond

You have arrived. Now what are you called to do?

This is what you have been working for. It may be the most exciting and rewarding time of your life, yet you may have some questions and concerns about what’s next. You have earned a wealth of hard-won wisdom and experience. Now is the time to make the most of it!

Questions we can help you answer:

  • Do we have enough? Are we at risk of outliving our money?
  • When should we begin to draw Social Security? Should we elect the spousal benefits? Why can’t the Social Security office tell me how to maximize my lifetime payout?
  • What pension option should I choose?
  • How do I make sense of Medicare? How can I make sure that I don’t miss deadlines or have to pay penalties?
  • Is my spouse going to be ok if I die first? Who will provide them with sound financial guidance after I am gone?
  • What is the difference between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage? Which one is best for me?
  • What is an RMD? How can I comply so that I don’t get penalized?
  • From which accounts should I take withdrawals? Should I be considering ROTH conversions?
  • What steps should I be taking to get my estate in order?
  • Should I be considering Long Term Care Insurance?
  • How can I maximize the impact of my giving and minimize the taxes that I owe?
  • What should I be doing now to prepare my family to receive their inheritance?
  • Do I still need my life insurance policy?

If we can help in any way, please email: